Where The Male Massage Therapist Can Learn How To Make A Career In A Female Dominated Profession

Does this story sound familiar?

You are a male massage therapist. You studied hard back at massage therapy school. You passed your massage license or certification exam with flying colors. You are confident about your abilities. Your references are impeccable. You are serious in attitude, and display a professional appearance.

Yet, every time you have applied for a position, you are told politely, “Sorry, we’re not looking for a male massage therapist”. Perhaps you have even started your own practice. You may have taken out a “Yellow Pages” ad, and have had the telephone ring a fair number of times. Once the caller discerns your voice is that of a man, the question quickly changes to, “Do you have any female massage therapists on staff ?”

These situations can be frustrating for the male massage therapist. You can feel the discrimination based solely on the fact you are a male. While no prospective client who declines your services will say it to your face, you know what they are thinking.

If it was a man who declined your services, he’s thinking, “Any guy who wants to massage other men for a living has got to be gay . Ain’t no way I’m getting massaged by a guy.”

Likewise, if it was a woman who declined your services, she’s thinking, “The only man I’d let massage me is my husband. The only way I’d get massaged by a male therapist is if I knew he was gay .”

Face it. Starting a career in massage therapy is tough for anyone. Period. Still more true is the fact that male massage therapists have it twice as tough, even when they do everything right. But there are some male therapists that do succeed with a massage therapy career. And a few that do succeed with worthy financial achievements.

And that is what this male massage therapy website can do for you. Find and share information about male massage therapy practices which have succeeded. Find out which business practices work for male massage therapists. And also, which actions, words or practices to avoid as a male therapist.

The beauty of this SiteBuildit! massage therapy website is most of it’s pages have a Content 2.0 page builder built-in to the page. It allows you to add your own thoughts, advice, therapist stories or counter-opinions to the content on the page. If you take advantage of using the power of Content 2.0 page builder, your content will be made into a webpage credited entirely to you. Besides helping the thousands of male massage therapists reading this website with your advice, you will be helping yourself with these free benefits .

Of course these comments are moderated before publication, so please read the rules so there are no misunderstandings.

A Very Important Note About The Keywords "Male Massage Therapist"

Chances are likely that you typed the keywords, “Male Massage Therapist”, or something very similar, into a search engine to find this website. Unfortunately, these keywords are often liked to websites promoting gay sex services by unlicensed massage therapists. If this was your intent and you landed on this massage website, I assure you that you have come to the wrong place. This website does not promote massage therapy as a way to obtain sexual services-gay or straight. Don't confuse it with M4M or any similar website.

And just for the record, let me be clear: There's no such thing as legitimate " " by a massage therapist. There may be indications for prostate massage for certain bonafide medical conditions, but this procedure is only performed by a specialized physician, and certainly not found on the internet. So, you don't need to ask if any male massage therapists offer it...

Please, don’t leave comments in the Content 2.0 page builder forms if your comments are of a sexual nature. They will not be published.

Better yet, if you were intentionally seeking “gay massage” by using the keywords “male massage therapists”, let me direct you off this site now.


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