ejaculation during massage

by Robert
(El Paso, Texas)

How do you handle a situation where you are providing glute,hamstring massage and later you find that the client has ejaculated? How normal is that?

I too am a male but wonder if its me causing the ejaculation or are some of us that sensitive during massage.

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Jul 28, 2016
Fear NEW
by: Anonymous

SO this happened to me and it was very unexpected. I was receiving a massage at a place that is reputable and the massage was very typical. I was exhausted before the massage and then spontaneously and without warning I ejaculated without even having an erection. This was so embarrassing that I felt like I was going to have a panic attack. I was definitely taken off guard. The MT continued the massage for another 20 min. This was not a pleasurable experience at all. The experience was completely unsolicited both on my part and hers. After doing some research I see that this was common, but I am now terrified of going for another massage. I have had many massages in the past since I have had multiple injuries, and this has not remotely happened in the past. There was no sexual feeling precipitating the event. Thankfully, the MT confronted me in a non-threatening way to see my intention, but at the event I am sure it would have been clear that this was not provoked by either me or the MT. Even after reading numerous articles on this I still feel unease and disappointed in myself.

Jun 10, 2016
prevent NEW
by: Anonymous

i received a lot of physical treatments during the past 10 years. once i found out, that my member is getting erect, when the therapist massages the region near my testicles. i had to masturbate to climax after the treatment to eliminate the erection. as soon as i noticed that, i got used to masturbate every time BEFORE the massage! i simply did it at home just before i left the house. this worked like a charm, no arousal, no erection, nothing sexual during the massage anymore!

Sep 28, 2015
It happens NEW
by: Anonymous

After seeing the same, very professional and formally educated, female massage therapist, I had an ejaculation. I did not have an erection. Things just happened. It was not a complete ejaculation. I guess you would call it an emission. We were about a half hour into the massage. I was lying on my stomach. She started to work my hamstrings somewhat close to my testicles. And then I let loose. I didn't tighten up, so I would guess she didn't know it happened. I might say that after the release, I was totally relaxed and very much enjoyed the rest of the massage. I checked the sheets when the massage was over, and they looked okay. Therefore, no embarrassment. However, I couldn't help but wonder if she knew what she was doing to me since she has been practicing for many years. We do have a very good relationship, but have never been anything but professional to each other. She has also never worked my hamstrings in that area before or since.

Jan 02, 2014
Happened to me NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a back massage once (only one I have ever had) from a physical therapist, who was also my neighbor, because I was having some back problems. I only had my shirt off and was lying face down. After about 15 minutes, I was feeling so relaxed that I nearly dozed off, when suddenly I ejaculated a ton into my sweatpants. My penis was face down. I was so embarrassed I got up and said I had to go, despite only being 15 minutes into the appointment. You could see spots on my pants where it had soaked through, and it smelled very musky.

This was with a guy doing the massage. I can only imagine if it was an attractive girl and I was nude under a blanket...

May 24, 2013
my experience NEW
by: Anonymous

I feel like a pervert. But last night...as I was getting a massage, I did get erect, but it subsided. Shortly after, as the therapist was working her way down my side and to my outer thigh, it happened! I started to ejaculate, I tightened up and prevented it from actually soaking the sheet. She asked if I was alright, which I told her I was, but felt like a pervert! Then as she started working up the other side, this time, the inner thighs to outside of the leg, it happened again!! I could not believe, at 38, I had this in me still...twice?!? This was my first time with this MT, so maybe that was it? She was really, REALLY good..I'm sore today and have a headache, probably should of drank more water! But is this normal? Is there a trick these MT's know? Or just the fact I was comfortable? She was great, I gave her a good tip and will definitely will request her again. Just curious if this is normal. I mean sexually, she wasn't very attractive, she had large breasts, which I like, but overall, I didn't find it sexual in nature, relaxing if anything. But to have a double release like that? Wow...just wow!

Jun 17, 2012
Involuntary ejaculation NEW
by: Daniel

I'm really glad to read that it's not uncommon to ejaculate during a massage this has happened to me several times, always with very little warning, and it's very embarrassing. The last time was when the therapist was massaging my hamstring. His hand went a little inside my thigh and that triggered it. Was really embarrassing.

Aug 30, 2011
Me too!!!
by: Anonymous

I have gotten dozens of massages over the past two years and have experienced involuntary ejaculation on two occasions. I felt a little guilty and wondered if there was something wrong with me until I started researching the issue. There were no sexual tendencies associated; but it did happen both times while the therapist was massaging my thigh.

How should one approach a therapist about this issue if they know they are prone to involuntary release. I do not want to wear clothing as it restricts the therapists access and I enjoy the benefit of the full body massage - so I don't want the therapist to avoid massaging my knees and thighs.

Just not sure how to bring up the subject.

May 02, 2011
Could it be your technique?
by: Anonymous

As a client, I have ejaculated during a back massage. The therapist's technique had me shifting on the sheet with each stroke. As she worked on my back, it had the effect of stimulating my penis on the other side. I got an erection, but I tried to ignore it. As she started to focus on a knot in my back, her movements became shorter. I suddenly realized that I was heading rapidly towards ejaculation. I could not find the words to tell this stranger the predicament I was in.

I just wanted to offer this as a possible explanation. Your clients aren't telling you why they ejaculated, but that might be due to simple embarrassment.

In my case, shifting back and forth on the sheets created an embarrassing situation. I can't recall if this is a common technique, but this is certainly the only time I've had this response to a back massage. I'm sure I wouldn't have had this reaction if my whole body hadn't been shifting with each stroke.

Oct 06, 2009
From clients perspective
by: Anonymous

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Sep 30, 2009
re: ejaculation during massage
by: JR

I've been practicing for the past 15 years. Erections can be a reflex and I treat them that way. Spontaneous ejaculations can occur, but again that can be reflexive. I'm not offended at these times. If the client is grinding the table, touching himself, etc. I will ask him to stop or I will end the session.

Trust me, you will know when it's not a reflexive event.

May 21, 2009
Response to "ejaculation during massage"
by: Anonymous

From my own professional experience, I wondered about that in my early massaging years and later came to learn and understand that it is perfectly normal for a male to ejaculate during massage as a way of releasing accumulated nervous stress in the body.

It most usually happens in and around, but not limited to, the individual's errogenous zones. As long as the individual is not manipulating himself causing it to happen, you shouldn't worry about it IMHO.

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