A Clarification About
Gay Massage Therapists
and Gay Massage Sexual Services

I just want to make a quick clarification regarding this website's use of the word "Gay" which could be taken in a negative light.

I know there are plenty of male massage therapists out there who are professional, trustworthy and caring individuals who also happen to be Gay. I know these therapists are professionals who just want to be accepted as just that: Professionals, regardless of sexual preference.

I also know there is a difference between unlicensed, non-professional therapists promoting sexual services to the gay community, and the above described professional male massage therapists Gay or Straight.

Please understand that my use of the word "gay", which may be taken as a negative connotation, only refers to those individuals promoting illegal sexual activity not a part of legitimate massage practice.

Please understand all legitimate male massage therapists-Gay or Straight are welcome to post on male-massage-therapist.com--just please make sure those submissions are about legitimate massage.......You'd be surprised of some of the submissions made which never make it "live" on this site.

Hope I haven't insulted anyone about this topic.


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