Massage Therapy Schools in Long Island NY

I 'm a 48 yr old male. I would like to enroll in school of Massage therapy.

Can anyone recommend a good school or warn me about a bad school in this area?

Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

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Nov 01, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Aug 08, 2010
good massage school recommendations
by: Raul Alberto

I honestly do not know of any in that area..
I have heard of the swedish massage institute. All i can say and forwarn you is DO NOT go to cortiva institute, they will give you a good education yes..

then you will be left high and dry, they are overpriced..they do not take care of their male students nor will they admit that males have a harder time in the field...

they flat out told me i am 'making it hard on myself by projecting negativity' and blamed me, who graduated there with honors for not finding work.

Once they got tired of me asking for help they had me give the president of the school a massage, who had a male teacher 'evaluate me' who then was really harsh on me for not being 'super confident'.

Needless to say i got an email from them days later with a list of the things they felt i needed to 'work on' to get a job.

Funny thing is a few days later i got hired a place that did not want to hire a male lmt in the first place and ive been there for almost a year now. So yea, avoid Cortiva institute at all costs.

Dec 03, 2009
massage school?
by: Anonymous

As a male therapist I have struggled for about ten years, with some degree of success...but still worth the time and effort doing what I am great at, and love... this past 2 years the BOTTOM HAS DROPPED out as most of my wealthy clients have hit on hard times, and just about all of my corporate Chair Massage clients have discontinued offering that service.

I Think the only people making money on massage now are the SCHOOLS charging an exhorbinant fee, and not really giving a rat's *$$
if you ever make a penny (let alone getting your tuition money back in income).

just my $.02.

Nov 21, 2009
massage schools
by: Raul A. DeLaRosa

My two cents is check out several massage schools before you commit to one, i wish i would have. Also just because it is an expensive school doesnt mean its worth the money.

Also cash in the reality check that it will be a slow start as a male therapist, i for one have been cashing that reality big time as i cannot find work anywhere and have takes lots of time as a male lmt to make it.

just being honest with you.

Nov 21, 2009
More information
by: Sean

I really don't know anything about the schools anywhere in NY except that all have more required hours in their programs than most in the rest of the USA.

While someone may give kudos to a particular school, it's unlikely anyone will bad mouth a particular school online to avoid legal action.

One suggestion may be to leave a comment here with your email address to have someone with more knowledge about this question to contact you directly, at least for a school to avoid.

I have your email address from your original post, but do not typically print email addresses on this site (to avoid SpamBots) unless you give permission to do so.


Nov 21, 2009
Response to Massage Therapy Schools in Long Island
by: Anonymous

My first suggestion would be to go to the American Massage Therapy Assn website,, and see if they have a list of schools in that area which they recommend as accredited.

That would be the best place to start IMHO.

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